the menacing ferrets fighter squadron

founded 10 august 2000





00 hcrana col 10 aug 2000 kingston, on, ca
01 ajones 10 aug 2000 kingston, on, ca
02 -momo- 10 aug 2000 bristol, nb, ca
03 fzappa 10 aug 2000 montreal, pq, ca
04 g-lock 11 aug 2000 montreal, pq, ca
05 fubar- 24 aug 2000 toronto, on, ca
06 humble 10 sep 2000 centreville, nb, ca
07 riskey 10 may 2001 toronto, on, ca
08 bluebb 14 jun 2001 tacoma, wa, usa
09 bobman 08 jul 2001 hillsborough, nc, usa
10 topjmy 03 dec 2001 fort worth, tx, usa
11 doones 13 dec 2001 mchenry, il, usa
12 tearza 21 mar 2002 toronto, on, ca
13 andrew 16 aug 2002 san luis obispo, ca, usa
14 warone ltcol 12 sep 2002 chicago, il, usa
15 burley 06 oct 2002 beverly, ma, usa
16 jaime- 17 oct 2002 durham, nc, usa
17 =troy= capt 20 oct 2002 grand island, ne, usa
18 man-hi 31 oct 2002 anchorage, ak, usa
19 troll- 04 nov 2002 austin, tx, usa
20 cegull 18 nov 2002 anderson, ca, usa
21 swmpfx 06 feb 2003 lakeland, fl, usa
22 -zama- 09 feb 2003 shrewsbury, ma, usa
23 gldnbb 10 feb 2003 miami, fl, usa
24 ferret 24 feb 2003 wilmington, de, usa
24a wallyg 01 mar 2003 hermosa beach, ca, usa
25 joystc 17 apr 2003 san luis obispo, ca, usa
26 snofox 08 jun 2003 fredericton, nb, ca
27 zacker 06 jul 2003 sylacauga, al, usa
28 meteor 17 jul 2003 northglenn, co, usa
29 smikex 29 jul 2003 helmond, netherlands
30 nuker- 22 sep 2003 lee's summit, mo, usa
31 destee 26 oct 2003 lewisville, tx, usa
32 -bigd- 20 nov 2003 las cruces, nm, usa
33 kavikk 20 dec 2003 redditt, on, ca
34 drdyer 26 feb 2004 dallas, tx, usa
35 invstr 01 mar 2004 poplar bluff, mo, usa
36 drdeth 07 mar 2004 seattle, wa, usa
37 zinmar 24 mar 2004 harrisburg, pa, usa
38 derekd 03 may 2004 the colony, tx, usa
38a badcat 08 may 2004 san miguel, mexico
39 tonga- 07 jul 2004 littleton, co, usa
40 gunsgt 02 sep 2004 winchester, ky, usa
41 twinky 05 oct 2004 west haven, ct, usa
42 -aggie 16 dec 2004 ft. drum, ny, usa
43 mattke 10 feb 2005 belgium, eu
44 =lytn= 14 feb 2005 atlantic city, nj, usa
45 -jweed 28 mar 2005 fairchild afb, wa, usa
46 nitowl 14 apr 2005 orillia, on, ca
47 +york+ capt 21 may 2005 jacksonville, al, usa
48 cuckoo 12 jun 2005 dallas, tx, usa
48a elltee 20 nov 2005 coon rapids, wi, usa
49 tnymax maj 08 dec 2005 miami, fl, usa
50 pennsy 05 mar 2006 sanford, fl, usa
51 -iwlf- 27 apr 2006 bloomingdale, mi, usa
52 kidcan 29 may 2006 brantford, on, ca
53 enduro 29 jun 2006 madison, ms, usa
54 kimbo- capt 17 jul 2006 london, england
55 nskill 19 apr 2007 truro, ns, ca
56 hrdhrd 14 may 2007 langley, wa, usa
57 dryvac 21 may 2007 mazatlan, mexico
58 trymee 11 jun 2007 pasadena, md, usa
59 couge- 01 jul 2007 milwaukee, wi, usa
60 hwyone 16 aug 2007 spring hill, fl, usa
61 rayner 08 oct 2007 newcastle, on, ca
62 --owen 16 dec 2007 harvest, al, usa
63 beepee 13 apr 2008 east tamaki, new zealand
64 highgs 07 jul 2008 state college, pa, usa
65 pekiti 11 aug 2008 tampa, fl, usa
66 dealr+ 28 sep 2008 dover-foxcroft, me, usa
69 wetcat capt 20 nov 2008 san jose, ca, usa
68 k-c-d- 01 jan 2009 moore, ok, usa
67 warfii 28 jun 2009 greensboro, nc, usa
70 hehmor 27 jul 2009 winnipeg, mb, ca
71 raven= lt 18 oct 2009 cedar falls, ia, usa
71a -gums- 08 dec 2009 tampa, fl, usa
72 -ufo-- lt 23 jan 2011 pittsburgh, pa, usa
73 dkwolf lt 26 jan 2012 roseville, mn, usa
74 yanaki w/o 13 jan 2013 new york, ny, usa

email the menacing ferrets

for photos of our many and varied missions check the ferrets' foto gallery, presented in stunning unixvision�! for comments, tips and tricks, and general nattering, check our [private] ferrets' forum.

please print out the all-important paper maps for the various arenas. we like to keep maps "in the family": ask the c/o for the latest greatest maps.

don`t ask, don`t tell...

also, we insist that you download and install the ventrilo voice communications client. you can pick up a condenser mic for a few bucks at radio shack: a lightweight headset with a mono-directional microphone is ideal. we like to keep our voice comms "in the family", so please contact the c/o for details on how to connect.

'shanghaied' is such an ugly word...

defending democracy, one airfield at a time...

the menacing ferrets are always ready to consider new members. fill out the form below to contact a recruiting agent near you. if you don't hear back within 48 hours, drop the c/o an email and poke him with a stick.

note that we switch sides from rook to bishop to knight every tour-of-duty (currently every month). our "squad nights" are held mondays and thursdays at 2030h eastern time. we fly every ride and every mission profile, and we tend to share flight lead duties among the willing and able.

smash fascism...

please bear in mind that this is a squad for grown-ups [of a sort]. members are expected to conduct themselves with [relative] dignity and show [a modicum of] respect for other players. threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. warning: foul language. we're all friends here, and grown-ups [q.v.] so you may want to keep the kids away from the radio... megalomania?  you bet! and even then... accidents happen. the queasy or prurient need not apply.

we regret that minor children under the age of eighteen will not be considered for membership.

remember, you must have a paid aces high account to play with us! get one at get a fucking haircut, and a job, because it costs ca. us$15 per month. furthermore, we charge annual dues of us$20 to defray the cost of our comms system and goodies like t-shirts and stinkin' bodges. don't worry: new puddin's will get a few months to settle in before we hit 'em up for the dough. you'll also need a joystick [you know, for steering the plane] and a halfway decent box to run it all on. a case of beer [or similar metabolic poison] is always handy, too.

<< ah handle
<< first name
<< city & state
<< email address
<< fighter skill level
<< bomber skill level
i have installed ventrilo
i have a paid aces high account

smash fascism! "the menacing ferrets", the "circle-f" logo and all associated imagery �1999 & 2014 peter du chemin. all rights reserved. the musical recordings [and some illustrations] featured on this website are in the public domain, and fall under fair usage provisions of international copyright law in this context. please note that this website features contemporary media of the second world war period, and as such may constitute a violation of the so-called "hate laws" of various jurisdictions. the creator of this website shall remain unapologetic on this point, and shall invoke the genius of history as his aegis. fuck you and the horse you rode in on you dirty, revisionist, history-killing philistine! universal translation services courtesy of no electrons were harmed in the production of this document. to learn more about ferrets click here.

torch to tunisia ii campaign ribbon (usaaf) west wall eagles ii campaign ribbon (usaaf) fall gelb campaign ribbon (lw) road of freedom campaign ribbon (raf) torch to tunisia i campaign ribbon (lw)
west wall eagles i campaign ribbon (lw) end of the line campaign ribbon (raf) death of bushido campaign ribbon (usn) the tunisian wargame campaign ribbon (lw) sperrle's legions campaign ribbon (lw)
a dark and deadly rain campaign ribbon (usaaf) cats & zekes campaign ribbon (ijn) macarthur returns campaign ribbon (usn) keeper of the peace campaign ribbon (raf) pillars of smoke campaign ribbon (lw)
the channel dash campaign ribbon (raf) the ardennes wargame campaign ribbon (lw) raiders over england campaign ribbon (lw) big bold jugs campaign ribbon (raf/usaaf) the wire below campaign ribbon (lw)
duel over kent campaign ribbon (lw) france is kaput campaign ribbon (lw) helga's loyal airmen campaign ribbon (usaaf) wild horses roam (usaaf) kanaljaeger shield campaign ribbon (usaaf)
the juggernaut begins campaign ribbon (lw) five carrier battles campaign ribbon (usn) under blue skies campaign ribbon (raf) fortress of fire campaign ribbon (usaaf) britain will fall campaign ribbon (lw)
mustangs over suribachi campaign ribbon (ij) red star rising campaign ribbon (vvs) return to france campaign ribbon (raf) total victory campaign ribbon (vvs) the forgotten battlefield campaign ribbon (raf/usaaf)
flying point campaign ribbon (usaaf) five days in july campaign ribbon (lw) fleet action coral sea campaign ribbon (ijn) schweinfurt ball breakers campaign ribbon (usaaf) peacetime warriors campaign ribbon (lw)
yellow nosed bastards campaign ribbon (usaaf/raf) fleet action pacific campaign ribbon (usn) race for tunisia campaign ribbon (lw) pony boys campaign ribbon (usaaf) tit-for-tat campaign ribbon (raf)
on the beaches campaign ribbon (lw) north sea summer campaign ribbon (lw) reap the whirlwind campaign ribbon (usaaf) malta blitz campaign ribbon (raf [sic]) divine sacrifice campaign ribbon (usn)

bronze prometheus medal - nss/otb/t4t
bronze prometheus medal - britain stands alone - fik/duk/twb gold prometheus medal - pw/sbb/facs silver ares medal - tv/rtf/rsr bronze herakles medal - tv/rtf/rsr
bronze herakles medal - bombers into germany - kjs/whr/hla bronze ares medal - britain stands alone - fik/duk/twb

war is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength
john heartfield - `he swallows gold and spits out tin plate` - 1932
horrifyin' bastard collector cards
no.22: example of territorial display in hominids

brought to you by the ministry of truth...

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