L.F. Ribbon

L.F. Medaille d`Argent


THE LEGION OF FERRET is awarded to our trusty and well-beloved friends, in recognition of their many acts of loyalty, service, and makin' us laugh.

THE LEGION OF FERRET is granted only to those outside our confraternity, and constitutes an honorary squad membership.

THE MEDAILLE D'OR is awarded in recognition of length of service. You should LIVE so long.

Hotel Charlie

L.F. Ribbon with Medaille d'Or

L.F. Medaille d`Or

L.F. Ribbon 01 Mar 2003 - #24A Wallyg, 100th BG(H)
L.F. Ribbon 08 May 2004 - #38A Badcat, 475FG Satan's Angels
L.F. Ribbon 20 Nov 2005 - #48A Elltee, 100th BG(H)
L.F. Ribbon 26 Mar 2006 - #50A Lutrel, Avengers
L.F. Ribbon 08 Dec 2009 - #71A -Gums-, Nomads

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