Ferrets' Challenge No. 1

Tour du Pacifique

Thursday 28 August 2003, 2100h ET

1. Log in to the Practise and Duelling Arena at 2100h ET (the usual time for Vert++'s Target for Tonight event) select Gold and tune your radio to Gold country channel 103. The referee will begin issuing instructions on the Gold country channel at this time. All pilots must be OTR and ready to go by 2115h ET! The race itself should take about 30 minutes to complete.

2. Go to the tower at medium airfield MAF3, and select any single-engine prop-driven fighter. Select the "Basic Fighter" loadout (bombs won't help) and any amount of fuel. Click "Fly" to spawn on default runway (runway 1) at MAF3. Announce "OTR" on the country channel. THERE IS NO SHOOTING ALLOWED WHATSOEVER! THERE IS NO SHOOTING ALLOWED WHATSOEVER! The race course runs from MAF3 to LAF4 to LAF5 to LAF6. Three-four-five-six!

3. Taxi your craft a few yards from the spawn point so we can see your icon. Follow the referee's instructions as to the disposition of your craft. Try not to fidget, and remember, a few yards here or there isn't going to affect the outcome. Once you're all comfy, TURN YOUR ENGINE OFF!

4. If all goes well, at 2115h ET the referee will give the order: "READY, ENGINES *OFF*, ROLL IN 60 SECONDS". Thirty seconds after that, the referee will give the "30 SECONDS" warning. Twenty seconds after that, the ref will count down from ten in the text buffer, and give the command "ROLL". At this point, pilots may start their engines and take off. DO NOT START YOUR ENGINE UNTIL THE REF SAYS "ROLL"! If you crash on takeoff, you may reroll at will from MAF3.

5. The race proceeds upon takeoff from MAF3 to LAF4 where you must "barnstorm" (i.e. fly through) any one of the four hangars there. Note that in the PTO terrain, the LAF hangars are oriented roughly east-to-west. If you should crash while attempting to fly through a hangar, you may restart the race from the preceding airfield. This means that if you make it through, say, the hangar at LAF5 and then crash, you restart at LAF4. This rule is owing to the fact that air starts are enabled at the large airfields, and this would otherwise turn a crash into an advantage. We recommend that you replane, as you just never know who will crash next. In any case, please type either "crash" or "through" on the country channel to let us all know what happened. Running your ACM cam (CTRL-.) is also encouraged!

6. Each racer must successfully fly through any one hangar at LAF4, then LAF5, then LAF6 in order to win. The timer stops as soon as the final hangar is "barnstormed". In order to qualify, however, pilots must come to a full stop, gear down, on the tarmac at LAF6. If you make it through the hangars and crash at LAF6, or flub your landing, you are DISQUALIFIED.

7. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers including wonderful things like free trips to the bathroom, buckets of fresh steam delivered to your home over the Internet, and of course official glossy bragging-rights hood ornaments/bottle openers/nipple rings. Good luck!

Official Results

1st Place: gldnbb, the Menacing Ferrets, FW190D, 29m20s
2nd Place: =fli-=, =||= Hells Aces =||=, FW190D, 29m30s
3rd Place: andrew, the Menacing Ferrets, P51D, 29m46s

Screen caps, ACM film (acmcam07.pkr shows the big finish) and roster can be found here for a limited time: http://www.menacingferrets.com/screenCaps/0308

For his 1st Place showing, Gldnbb is hereby awarded the soon-to-be-coveted Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon. Congrats.

Thanks to Referee Humble and Spotter -Momo- for officiating, and thanks to SKYDVR who checked in before the race to make sure everything was kosher. The limited plane set was a bit of a surprise, but not problematic. Still, next time we'll hopefully have the complete planeset so the Allies can play.

Love and hell,
Col. H.C. Rana
C/O The Menacing Ferrets

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