Ferrets' Challenge No.2


Monday 24 November 2003, 2100h ET
in the Practice & Dueling arena

The Rules:

  • Login to the WBIII Practice & Dueling arena at 2100h ET, Monday 24 November 2003.
  • Select Red country and tune your radio to Red country channel 101. Go to the tower at Red FL13.
  • Select any single-engine prop plane with the loadout of your choice. NOTE: IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DISCHARGE YOUR WEAPONS!
  • At the referee's 15-minute warning (at 2115h ET), get on the tarmac at FL13, default runway one.
  • Taxi a few yards away from the spawn point so the referee can see your icon.
  • At the referee's one-minute warning, make sure your engine is stopped.
  • Wait for the referee's 10-count and the signal to 'ROLL', at which moment the clock starts: you may start your engine and take off!
  • From FL13, the race course runs through 5 checkpoints which must be flown in sequence (see map, below):
    • FL2
    • FL10
    • FL4
    • FL12
    • home to FL13
  • To qualify, pilots must safely fly through ('barnstorm') one of the three hangars at each checkpoint. Unlike last time, pilots who crash are disqualified.
  • The first pilot to 'barnstorm' the final checkpoint at FL13 is the winner, and the clock stops at that moment. However...
  • To qualify, pilots must land safely at FL13, on the tarmac, wheels down, engine off, at a full stop.
  • Please stay on the runway for photo opportunities! The first-place finisher will receive:
    • One month WarBirds premium account, courtesy of iEN... value: $25 US.
    • The Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon, courtesy of the Menacing Ferrets... value: priceless.

Official Results

1st Place: -dbng-, =||= Hells Aces =||=, FW190D, 36m50s
2nd Place: -wcat-, 417 RCAF City of Windsor, FW190D, 37m8s
3rd Place: -troy-, the Menacing Ferrets, FW190D, 37m18s

I think the racing stripes at either end of their pilot handles must streamline 'em or something. Screen caps, ACM film (acmcam07.pkr shows the big finish) and roster can be found here for a limited time: http://www.menacingferrets.com/screenCaps/0311

For his 1st Place showing, -dbng- is hereby awarded the soon-to-be-coveted Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon. Also, he's got a free month of WarBirds premium coming to him, courtesy of iEN. Congrats.

Thanks to Referee Doones and Spotter -Momo- for officiating, and thanks to SKYDVR for all of his help. See you all again in three months' time!

Love and hell,
Col. H.C. Rana
C/O The Menacing Ferrets

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