Ferrets' Challenge No.4


Saturday 12 June 2004, 2100h ET
in the Practice & Dueling arena

The Rules:

  • Login to the WBIII Practice & Dueling arena at 2100h ET, Saturday 12 June 2004.
  • Select Gold country and tune your radio to Gold country channel 103. Go to the tower at Gold field RAC97 - the Alpine race-course in the extreme southeast corner of the map.
  • Select any single-engine prop plane with the loadout of your choice. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DISCHARGE YOUR WEAPONS!!! This includes drop tanks, etc. It will be just like Beggar's Canyon back home, only without the bullseying of womp-rats.
  • At the referee's 15-minute warning (2115h ET), get on the tarmac at field 97 at any spawn point.
  • Taxi a few yards away from the spawn point so the referee can see your icon. Taunt your opponents.
  • At the referee's one-minute warning, make sure your engine is STOPPED.
  • Wait for the referee's 10-count and the signal to 'ROLL', at which moment the clock starts: you may start your engine and take off!
  • From the spawn point, the race course runs SEVEN COMPLETE LAPS, COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, around the mountain. YOU MAY NOT EXCEED 3000 FEET ALTITUDE AT ANY TIME, i.e., you must stay in the canyon at all times.
  • As soon as the race starts, the airfield color will change to Red. This means THE ACK BATTERY IN THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE RACE COURSE WILL FIRE AT YOU. Careful!
  • Pilots who crash, or who are shot down by ack, or who climb above 3000 feet, or who discharge their weapons, are disqualified.
  • Disqualified pilots and hangers-on are invited to observe in GV's or as attached observers. Please do NOT roll aircraft unless requested by the referee.
  • The first pilot to cross the finish line (marked by the control tower to your right) at the end of his seventh lap is the winner, and the clock stops at that moment. However...
  • To qualify, pilots must land safely at field 97, on the tarmac, wheels down, engine off, at a full stop.
  • Please stay on the runway for photo opportunities! The first-place finisher will receive:
    • One month WarBirds premium account, courtesy of iEN... value: $24 US. NOTE: Pilots who have won a free month within the last 60 days do not qualify for this prize.
    • The Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon, courtesy of the Menacing Ferrets... value: priceless.

Official Results

1st Place: -wcat-, 417 RCAF City Of Windsor, FW190D, 38m40s
2nd Place: easyed, 11th Ranger/TFS, FW190D, 38m46s
3rd Place: twedge, 416 RCAF The Lynx, FW190D, 38m52s

Thanks to all who attended! That was the first time we've attempted this format, and there were several things we'll change for the next time. Thanks for putting up with our rough-and-ready attempt. Three things come to mind immediately:

1) Biggest problem, and all my fault (and I was WARNED, even): 3000ft alt limit is too generous. On the other hand, it's easy to bobble the stick and fly over the limit if we set it much lower. Tricky. Still, next time, we'll specify 1000 feet max and leave it at that for simplicity's sake. Had to keep explaining in vague, bitchy terms not to leave the canyon/cut the corners, which was less than helpful. Sorry! Better to set the limit low and not worry about momentary violations (which would only slow you down, anyway.)

2) A dirty rotten gate-crasher killed a couple of tail-end Charlies. At least he didn't get the race leaders, but it still sux rox, d00dz. Not much we can do about that - SKYDVR kicked his virtual butt into the middle of next week. Come to think of it, killshooter on, and no field color change would fix that. It's a long haul from anywhere to the racetrack.

3) The ack was way too gentle. We may replace ack with drunken trainers in M5's next time, or something like that. Changing the field color is way more trouble than it's worth.

Next race (in three months' time) we'll be back to the cross-country barnstorming format, then back to the canyon unless we think of something else in the meantime. Your suggestions are welcome.

For his first place showing, -Wcat- is hereby awarded the soon-to-be-coveted Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon. Also, he's got a free month of WarBirds premium coming to him, courtesy of iEN. Congrats! Double congrats, in fact, as this is Wcat's second straight win.

Congrats again to all the big weiners, and thanks to SKYDVR, =troy=, and meteor for their help setting up and officiating.

Love and hell,
Col. H.C. Rana
C/O The Menacing Ferrets

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