Ferrets' Challenge No.13


Sunday 19 November 2006, 1830h ET
in the Practice & Dueling arena

The Rules:

  • Login to the WB2006 Practice & Dueling arena at 1830h ET, Sunday 19 November 2006.
  • Select Red country and tune your radio to Red country channel 101. Go to the tower at Red Fm7.
  • Select ANY RAGWING PLANE (Albatross, Bristol, Fokker, Sopwith, Spad) with the loadout of your choice. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DISCHARGE YOUR WEAPONS! This includes guns, bombs, drop tanks, etc.
  • At the referee's 15-minute warning (1845h ET), get on the tarmac at Fm7, default runway one.
  • Taxi a few yards away from the spawn point so the referee can see your icon. Taunt your opponents.
  • At the referee's one-minute warning, make sure your engine is STOPPED.
  • Wait for the referee's 10-count and the signal to 'ROLL', at which moment the clock starts: you may start your engine and take off!
  • From Fm7, the race course runs through six checkpoints which must be flown in sequence:
    • Fm21
    • Fm3
    • Fm6
    • Fm20
    • T27
    • T24 - the finish line
  • To qualify at a checkpoint, pilots must safely fly through (barnstorm) any one hangar at the field.
  • Pilots who crash are disqualified. Disqualified pilots and hangers-on are invited to observe in GV's or as attached observers. Please do NOT roll aircraft unless requested by the referee. Observer GV's must not park on the approach lines to the hangars.
  • Pilots may land (SAFELY: on the tarmac, wheels down, engine off, at a full stop) and replane/refuel at any friendly airfield on the route, AFTER having flown through the hangar at that field. Pilots must respawn on default runway one in the same aircraft type and model as before. Remember to change airfields - WB's always defaults to your last choice.
  • The first pilot to barnstorm the final checkpoint at T24 is the winner, and the clock stops at that moment. However...
  • To qualify, pilots must land SAFELY at T24, on the runway, right-side up, at a full stop.
  • Please stay on the runway for photo opportunities! In addition to an all-expenses-paid trip to the bathroom and a big bucket of really fresh steam, the first-place finisher will receive:
    • One month free WarBirds account, courtesy of iEN... NOTE: Pilots who have won a free month within the last 60 days do not qualify for this prize.
    • The Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon, courtesy of the Menacing Ferrets... VALUE: priceless.
  • The second place pilot will receive a $10 USD WB's account credit, while third showing merits a $5 USD credit.
  • SPECIAL! The top five finishing pilots this time will also receive a copy of iEN's new box game, "FLYBOYS SQUADRON". See Flyboysgame.com for details.



Official Results

1st Place: Drache of Parrots, Spad XIII, 34m39s
2nd Place: Doones of The Menacing Ferrets, Spad XIII, 35m11s
3rd Place: Shotzz of VF-15 Flying Aces, Spad XIII, 37m51s

Twenty-three pilots rolled this time around, and four finished the race. Dawgin was first through the hangar but pranged on landing, giving the victory to Drache -- his third in a row, and fifth overall.

For his first-place finish, Drache wins a free month of WB's courtesy of iEN, and of course the coveted Ferrets' Challenge Blue Ribbon -- in gold this time to acknowledge his fifth victory -- and a really fresh bucket of steam. Doones and Shotzz win ten and five-dollar account credits, respectively. All three of these winners, as well as fourth-place finisher Zippy, win a free copy of iEN's new "Flyboys Squadron" boxed game.

Thanks to Tnymax for flying the spotter plane, to Lytnin for reffing, to SKYDVR for all his help, and to all you speed-demon air-racers. See you all at the next Ferrets' Challenge in December!


Love and hell,
Col. H.C. Rana
C/O The Menacing Ferrets

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